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All of the high-quality content and learning activities of IN, on a digital platform for a more mobile and accessible experience. This magazine is suitable for secondary school students.


Biweekly news magazine suitable for secondary school students. News and themes presented in an engaging manner to help students digest the issues behind each story.

Thumbs Up

Biweekly publication for upper primary students. Help students develop and express views confidently in Chinese through News-in-Education articles.

Thumbs Up Junior

Biweekly publication for lower primary students. Make learning Chinese part of daily life through thematic topics and activities.

Thumbs Up Little Junior

Biweekly publication for kindergarten children aged 5 and 6. Engaging activities designed by veteran educators to make learning Chinese fun.

Thumbs Up Oral Book 3

Quality oral exam videos and guides curated by experienced Chinese language teachers. Suitable for P3-P6 students.

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