Looking for a no-frills plan to fit your personal reading needs?

ST One Digital best suits individual readers who enjoy the flexibility of reading their news in the digital layout and also the e-paper format, at a stripped-down price.

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Here’s what you get for

only $0.99* a month

    • Personalised newsfeed with myST
    • Unlimited articles on straitstimes.com
    • ST app access on 1 device
    • E-paper with 2-week archive
    • Subscriber privileges (for subscribers in Singapore only)

*$0.99/month for the first 6 months, $9.90/month thereafter

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this package compare with the rest of ST’s available packages?

This is a quick summary of how the package compares with the other home-subscription offerings by ST:


News Tablet

ST All-Digital + Print

ST All-Digital

ST One Digital

Print Paper




Web Access

1 1 1 1

App Access

1 4 4 1

News Tablet Access

1 0 0 0

*Not inclusive of delivery charges.

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