ST AD/ADP Capitaland Campaign July 2024

Terms and Conditions


(Last updated on June 30, 2024)


1.              This subscription promotion (“Promotion”) is administered by SPH Media Limited (“SPH”, “we”, “us”, or “our”).


2.              Participation in this Promotion is subject to:


(a)            the terms herein and


(b)            the Standard Subscription Terms and Conditions found at (“Standard T&Cs”).


(collectively, the “T&Cs”)


In the event of any conflict or inconsistency among the T&Cs, the terms herein will take precedence over the Standard T&Cs.


3.              Under this Promotion, you may receive a free premium item (“Premium”) when you sign up for a new subscription to any of the applicable publications (“Publication(s)”) under the applicable subscription package (“Package”). Subscriptions under this Promotion will be subject to the relevant minimum subscription period (“Minimum Subscription Period”).


(a)            Details are as set out in the table below.



Monthly Subscription Fee

Minimum Subscription Period



The Straits Times (“ST”)







18 months


$100 Capitaland e-vouchers^



The Straits Times




All-Digital + Print




18 months


$100 Capitaland e-vouchers^


* Premiums are available while stocks last.


^ Note - Please activate your CapitaLand e-voucher’s acceptance link and activation code by 20th September, 2024. Upon such activation and acceptance of the Capitaland e-voucher  via the Capitaland e-voucher’s acceptance link or acceptance code, it will be valid for one (1) year from the date of acceptance.


4.              This Promotion is valid during the period commencing from 1 July 2024 until 15 August 2024, or until all the Premiums available under this Promotion have been fully redeemed, whichever is earlier (the "Promotion Period").


5.              To qualify for this Promotion and the Premium:


(a)            you must meet the eligibility criteria set out in the T&Cs (in particular, Clause 6 below),


(b)            we must receive your duly completed application form and payment before the Promotion Period ends (requests for extensions will not be entertained); and


(c)             you agree to and shall maintain your subscription to the relevant Package without any change for the whole of the applicable Minimum Subscription Period.


6.              Eligibility:


(a)            This Promotion is open to Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents, and foreigners residing in Singapore and have work permits or passes which are valid for the duration of the applicable Minimum Subscription Period.


(b)            You are eligible for this Promotion if you fall within one of the following groups of subscribers:


(i)              "New Subscribers": Subscribers who are not Existing Subscribers (as defined below) and do not currently have a subscription to the Package.


(ii)             "Vendor Subscribers": Current subscribers of the Publication(s) who are paying their subscription fees to a newspaper vendor (your subscription with your vendor will be terminated and you will become a direct subscriber of the Package with us).


(iii)            "Month-to-Month Subscribers": Current subscribers of the Publication(s) under an existing subscription plan with us which is renewed automatically monthly (your new subscription will replace your current subscription and you will be subject to the Minimum Subscription Period).


(c)             Notwithstanding the above, you will be deemed to be an “Existing Subscriber” and will not be eligible for this Promotion if you, or any member of your household:


(i)              have an existing subscription to the Publication(s) with us which is subject to a minimum subscription period (including a subscription to the Package), or


(ii)             had terminated such a subscription within the 90 days prior to the date of your application under this Promotion.


A "household" refers to a domestic unit comprising members of the same family who have the same billing address and/or delivery address.


7.              You may not participate in this Promotion in conjunction with other promotions and deals that we may be offering at the same time.


8.              Notwithstanding any term herein, we have the right to determine your eligibility or decline acceptance of your application for this Promotion at our sole and absolute discretion and our decision thereon shall be final and binding. If we determine that any of the information you provided in your subscription under this Promotion is not true and does not meet the requirements under the T&Cs or that you have otherwise breached any of the T&Cs, we may terminate your subscription and recover from you the Premium or the value of the Premium provided to you under this Promotion, without prejudice to our other rights and remedies against you under the T&Cs.


9.              Where a Premium is offered in connection with your subscription, additional terms apply: 


(a)            You may only redeem one Premium per subscription and per household.


(b)            If your application for the Promotion is successful, an email (“Redemption Email”) containing details of the Premium and how you may redeem it will be sent to you within three (3) working days after we confirm your subscription to the Package.


(c)             Premiums must be redeemed in accordance with the instructions and terms as stated on the Redemption Email. Any Premium not redeemed within the validity period of the Premium for any reason, including expiry or service disruption, will be forfeited. In such event, for the avoidance of doubt, your obligations under the terms herein (including, without limitation, to maintain the subscription for the Minimum Subscription Period) will continue to apply in full.


(d)            If the Premium is to be delivered to your registered address, you must be physically present during the delivery, and if requested, present your NRIC and digital/printed Redemption Email for verification.


(e)            The Premium is provided by a third party, CapitaLand (the "Premium Provider"), and is to be redeemed or used according to their terms and conditions. By participating in this Promotion and using or redeeming the Premium, you accept that:


(i)              Any dispute about the quality, condition, or redemption of the Premium (including warranty claims, if any) is to be resolved directly with the Premium Provider and we are not obliged to assist or act on your behalf in communicating with them.


(ii)             You use the Premium at your own risk. We are not responsible for and we do not guarantee: (1) that the Premium Provider’s services or platforms will be accessible, secure, reliable, or be without disruption, interruption, errors, virus or other harmful elements, or (2) that the results, information, contents or materials derived from the use of their services or platforms are accurate, reliable or suitable for its users.


(iii)            The Premium Provider may update, modify, or change the terms and conditions of use of the Premium or its services at any time, and we shall not be liable to you for any such update, modification, or change.


(iv)           Except to the extent that they may not be excluded by law, we make no representations or warranties of any kind in respect of the Premium, whether implied, express or statutory, including without limitation the warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose.


(v)             To the fullest extent allowed by applicable laws, we shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be liable for: (1) your use of the Premium, (2) any delay, failure, or default of the Premium (including redemption of the Premium), (3) any service offered by the Premium Provider (including, but not limited to, any failure, interruption, disruption or downtime on the Premium Provider’s platform / mobile application), and (4) the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties (including the Premium Provider) in connection with or related to your use of the Premium. You further indemnify us against any losses or damages that we may suffer arising from your use or redemption of the Premium.


(f)              The Premium is provided for your personal and non-commercial use only. You will not resell the Premium to any other persons whether for profit or otherwise, and you shall not charge other persons for use of the Premium.


(g)            The Premium is available whilst stocks last, and we reserve the right and discretion to substitute the Premium with any other product of similar value. No exchange or re-election of the Premium is allowed once your application has been submitted.


(h)            The Premiums are not transferable or exchange for cash, credit, or other items, and are not valid with any other discounts, vouchers, or promotions. Any unutilized amount for the Premium will not be refunded and cannot be used to offset any existing or new subscription or promotion.


10.           Upon expiry of the applicable Minimum Subscription Period, your subscription to the Package will automatically continue, without prior notice from us, on the prevailing terms until and unless you provide us with notice in writing that you wish to terminate your subscription in accordance with the said terms.


If you terminate your subscription to the Package before the expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period for any reason whatsoever, or during the applicable Minimum Subscription Period, you fail to pay to SPH any sums as and when due and SPH exercises its rights under the T&Cs to terminate your subscription, the following fees and charges shall also be due and payable by you to SPH media upon notice by SPH:



Termination Fees and charges

ST All-Digital


Administrative fees of S$20 and termination fees of S$100

ST All-Digital + Print


Administrative fees of S$20 and termination fees of S$100


11.           By subscribing to the Package under this Promotion, you agree and consent:


(a)            to the terms of our privacy policy as amended from time to time, available at ("Privacy Policy"), and the terms of the Privacy Policy are incorporated into the T&Cs by reference; and


(b)            that we may collect, use, process and/or disclose your personal data to communicate with you for purposes relating to this Promotion, provide you with the Premium, marketing information on products and services we offer, and such other purposes we may reasonably deem appropriate, or for such purposes that you may have otherwise given your consent for.


12.           We shall in no way be responsible or liable for any loss (including, without limitation, any indirect or consequential loss and damages for loss of profits, business interruption or loss of information), liability, expenses, claims and costs arising out of or in connection with the this Promotion or the Premium, including, but not limited to, any actual or alleged injury, damage, death or other consequences occurring to any person as a result, directly or indirectly, of the possession or use of the Premium whether claimed by reason of breach of warranty, negligence, product defect or otherwise, and regardless of the form in which any such claim is made, save for any liability that cannot be excluded by applicable laws (in which case that liability is limited to the extent allowed by applicable laws).


13.           We may, at our sole and absolute discretion, vary, amend or revise the T&Cs and/or terminate or withdraw this Promotion at any time without prior notice.


14.           The T&Cs shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore, and all persons who participate in this Promotion shall be deemed to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.


Standard Subscription Terms and Conditions

(Last updated on November 17, 2023)*


1. These Standard Subscription Terms and Conditions (“Standard Terms”) govern your subscription(s) to newspapers published by SPH Media Limited and its successors-in-title (“SPH Media”, “we”, “our” or “us”), regardless of the type of subscription and how you access your subscription. We may amend these Standard Terms from time to time by posting any amendments on our website, and you agree to be bound by these amendments.


Subscribing to our services

2. You must be 18 years old and above to subscribe to our services. If you are a child or ward below 18 years old (“child”), please get your parent or guardian to undertake the subscription. By subscribing to our services, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you are:

(a) subscribing to and using our services for yourself;

(b) subscribing to and using our services for your company; or

(c) subscribing to our services as parent or guardian on behalf of a child who will be using our services. In this case, you agree to these Standard Terms both personally and on behalf of the child. You will be liable for your child’s acts and omissions when your child uses our services, so please ensure that your child observes these Standard Terms.

3. Your subscription may be subject to additional terms, such as when you sign up for a News Tablet subscription or when your subscription comes with a gift or premium (the “Additional Terms”). Any such Additional Terms will apply in addition to these Standard Terms. The Additional Terms will take priority over the Standard Terms if there is any conflict between the two.

4. The time we take to process and confirm your subscription will vary depending on how you are subscribing with us.

(a) If you are subscribing with us via our online subscription portal, we will confirm your subscription via email within 1 day from the time you submit your application.

(b) If you are subscribing with us via our other channels (including walk-ins, roadshows, application forms, phone, resellers), we will confirm your application within 3 to 7 working days from the time you submit your application.

If you do not have an email address, we will confirm your subscription via regular mail. This may take up to 4 to 6 working days.


Fees and payment

5. All subscription fees are due in advance unless otherwise stated. For example, if you are subscribed to a monthly subscription package, payment for the subscription fees for a particular month must be made at the start of that month. Subscription fees, once charged, are non-refundable.

6. You can choose to make payment for your subscription fees by credit card. We will typically debit your card at the start of each month (for monthly subscriptions) or each subscription year (for annual subscriptions).

(a) If we are unable to debit your card for any reason when your subscription fees are due, we may suspend or terminate your subscription in accordance with clause 13 below.

(b) If your credit card has expired, or if you wish to use a different credit card, you must notify us at least 14 days before your next subscription fee payment is due. You can do so either by contacting our Customer Experience Team at 6388 3838, or updating your credit card details online by logging in to your account.

7. In the event of any discrepancies or inaccuracies in your invoice/statement/records relating to the payment for your subscription, you must notify us promptly by contacting our Customer Experience Team no later than fourteen (14) days from the date of the invoice/statement/records for us to investigate into the matter, otherwise our records shall be conclusive of the amounts due from you and we will not entertain any disputes in relation to the same.


Delivery and suspension of delivery for print newspapers

8. If you have subscribed to print newspapers, a delivery fee will be charged for the delivery of the print newspapers. Delivery fees will vary depending on your residence, and will be charged per subscriber account per delivery address. Once charged, delivery fees are non-refundable.

9. We contract with external vendors to provide delivery of your newspapers to you. They may deliver your newspapers to your doorstep, or to your letterbox.

10. If you experience any issues of non-delivery of your newspapers, please contact our Customer Experience Team at 6388 3838 no later than 2 days after the date of the newspaper(s) in question, so that we can address the issue for you as soon as possible.

11. You may suspend the delivery of your print newspaper(s) temporarily (“Temporary Stop”) by submitting a request through the following link: Temporary Stop requests are subject to our discretion, and if approved, are offered to you on a goodwill basis.

(a) Any Temporary Stop requests must be submitted at least 3 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) before its intended start date.

(b) Each Temporary Stop requested for must be for a minimum period of 3 consecutive days and cannot exceed 30 consecutive days.

(c) If you are subscribed to a Print-only package, and your Temporary Stop request is approved, we may additionally offer you a refund or credit of your subscription fees for the duration of the Temporary Stop. No refund or credit will be offered to subscribers of All-in-One packages because you will continue to have access to digital editions of your subscribed publications.

12. Even if a Temporary Stop request is approved, we cannot guarantee that all delivery personnel will carry out Temporary Stop requests without error or at all. In such event, notwithstanding clause 11(c), you remain liable to pay for all newspapers delivered to you during any Temporary Stop period requested. We will not be liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer in connection with any continued delivery of newspaper(s) or any Temporary Stop request.


Cancellation and termination

13. If you wish to change or cancel your subscription, you must provide us with at least 30 days’ prior notice in one of the following ways:

(a) by calling our Customer Experience Team at 6388 3838;

(b) by emailing us at; or

(c) in writing and sent by post to “Customer Experience Team, Consumer Division, SPH Media Ltd, 1000 Toa Payoh North Annexe Level 6, News Centre, Singapore 318994”.

If you cancel your subscription in the middle of your billing cycle, no refunds will be issued to you, but you will continue to have the same access and subscriber benefits for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

14. Your subscription may be subject to a minimum subscription period, such as when you sign up for a News Tablet subscription or if you receive a gift or premium with your subscription. If a minimum subscription period applies to your subscription:

(a) You will be liable for early termination fees and administrative fees if you terminate your subscription before the expiry of the applicable minimum subscription period. Details of these fees will be found in the Additional Terms for your subscription. Early termination fees, if chargeable, will be pro-rated against the portion of the minimum subscription period that has already elapsed and for which subscription fees have been paid. 

(b) At the end of the applicable minimum subscription period, your subscription will automatically continue on the prevailing subscription terms and fee.

15. If we do not receive payment of your subscription fees on time for any reason, or if you breach any other terms and conditions for your subscription, then we may, without prejudice to our rights and remedies at law:

(a) recover any outstanding sums due from you;

(b) suspend your subscription; or

(c) terminate your subscription without further notice or obligation to you, and impose on you any applicable termination and administrative fees.


General matters

16. You confirm that the information provided in your subscription application form is true and correct at the point of application. If there are any changes to the information provided, you must inform us promptly by contacting our Customer Experience Team at 6388 3838, or updating your details online by logging in to your account.

17. By submitting your subscription application form, you hereby agree and consent to:

(a) the terms of our Privacy Policy which can be found at as amended from time to time, and the terms of the Privacy Policy are incorporated into these Standard Terms by reference;

(b) us using and disclosing your personal data for the purposes of processing your subscription application and to provide you with the products and services you have requested. These purposes are set out in the SPH Media Privacy Policy which can be found at and which may be amended from time to time; and

(c) the terms of our SPH Media Member Terms and Conditions which can be found at as amended from time to time, and the terms of the SPH Media Member Terms and Conditions are incorporated into these Standard Terms by reference. You further agree that SPH Media’s decision on all matters or disputes relating to or in connection with your subscription and any matters ancillary thereto (including without limitation payment, delivery, promotions or eligibility requirements) are final and conclusive on you. In the event of conflict between these Standard Terms and the SPH Media Member Terms and Conditions, these Standard Terms shall prevail.

18. We have the right to vary subscription or delivery fees payable or any other term relating to your subscription from time to time upon giving you reasonable prior notice.

19. For more details on subscription matters, please refer to






1. 标准订阅条款与条件(简称“标准条款”)适用于您向新报业媒体及其衍生公司(“SPH Media”、“我们”或“我们的”)订阅我们出版的报章,涵盖所有订阅配套以及访问方式。我们可能会通过网站随时更改、修改或修订标准条款,并且您同意受这些修订的约束。



2. 您须年满 18 岁或以上才能订阅我们的报刊。如果您是18岁以下的人士或被监护人(简称“儿童”),请让您的父母或监护人代替您订阅。只要您订阅报刊即表示您确认您已年满 18 岁并且您:

(a) 以个人身份使用和订阅和/或签订合约;

(b) 代表公司使用和订阅和/或签订合约;或者

(c) 作为未满18岁的订户之监护人或父母签订合约,在这种情况下,您同意以个人身份作为您孩子或被监护人受本标准条款的约束,并对您的孩子或被监护人在订阅和/或使用服务时的行为负责,并且您还同意确保您的孩子或被监护人遵守这些标准条款。

3. 当您订阅平板电子报配套或您的订阅配套有附带礼物或赠品时,您须遵守附加条款与条件(简称“附加条款”)。除了标准条款外,此类附加条款均适用。如果附加条款与标准条款之间存在任何冲突,则附加条款优先于标准条款。

4. 我们处理和确认您的订阅所需时间将根据您的订阅方式而有所不同。

(a) 如果您通过新报业媒体订阅网站订阅,我们将在您提交申请后 1 天内通过电子邮件确认您的订阅。

(b) 如果您通过我们的其他渠道(包括上门拜访、路演、申请表、电话、经销商)向我们订阅,我们将在您提交申请后 3 至 7 个工作日内确认您的申请。

如果您没有电子邮件地址,我们将通过普通邮件确认您的订阅。这可能需要 4 到 6 个工作日。



5. 除非另有说明,所有订阅费均需提前支付。例如,如果您订阅的是每月配套,则必须在该月月初支付当月的订阅费。订阅费一经收取,不予退还。

6. 您可以选择通过信用卡支付订阅费。我们通常会在每个月初(对于每月订阅)或每个订阅年初(对于每年订阅)从您的卡中扣款。

(a) 如果在您的订阅缴费到期时我们因任何原因无法从您的卡中扣款,我们可能会根据下文第 13 条暂停或终止您的订阅。

(b) 如果您的信用卡已过期,或者您希望使用其他信用卡,您必须在下一次订阅缴费期至少 14 天前通知我们。您可以拨打 6388 3838 联系我们的客户体验团队,或登录您的帐户在线更新您的信用卡信息。

7. 如果您的发票/报表/记录中的支付信息出现任何差异或不准确,您必须在发票/报表出具之日起十四 (14) 天内联系我们的客户体验团队,并提供记录以便我们调查此事,否则我们的记录将是您应收款项的最终版本,我们将不会受理与此相关的任何争议。



8. 如果您订阅的是印刷版报刊,您需支付派报费用。派报费用将根据地址而有所差异,并且将根据订户账户和派送地址收取费用。一旦支付,派报费将不予退还。

9. 我们与供应商签订合约为您提供派报服务。他们可能会将您的报纸派送到您家门口或者信箱。

10. 如果您遇到任何报纸未能送达的问题,请在 2 天内致电 6388 3838 联系我们的客户体验团队,以便我们尽快为您解决问题。

11. 您可通过以下链接提交暂停派送印刷版报纸服务(简称“暂停派报”)申请:。我们将审核您的申请,如果获得批准,我们才可以为您提供此服务。

(a) 任何暂停派报申请必须在预定开始日期前至少 3 个工作日(不包括周六、周日和公众假期)内提交。

(b) 每次暂停派报必须至少连续 3 天,且不能超过连续 30 天。

(c) 如果您订阅了印刷版配套,并且您的暂停派报申请获得批准,我们可能会额外向您提供暂停派报期间订阅费用的退款或抵免。数码+印刷配套的订户则不会获得任何退款,因为在暂停派报期间您仍然可以阅读数码版报刊。

12. 即使“暂停派报”申请获得批准,我们也不能保证所有派报人员都会无误或完全执行“暂停派报”申请。在这种情况下,尽管有第 11(c) 条的规定,您仍有责任支付在暂停派报期间需支付的订阅费用。我们对于您因暂停派报或恢复派报而可能遭受的任何损失或损害,不承担任何责任。



13. 如果您希望更改或取消订阅,您必须通过以下一种方式在至少 30 天前通知我们:

(a) 致电我们的客户体验团队 6388 3838;

(b) 发送电子邮件至;或者

(c) 以书信形式邮寄至“Customer Experience Team, Consumer Division, SPH Media Ltd, 1000 Toa Payoh North Annexe Level 6, News Centre, Singapore 318994”。


14. 当您订阅平板电子报配套,或您的订阅配套有附带礼物或赠品时,您的订阅可能会受到最短订阅期的限制。如果您的订阅配套有最短订阅期:

(a) 如果您在适用的最短订阅期到期之前终止订阅,您将需要支付提前终止费和管理费。这些费用的详细信息可在附加条款中找到。如果有提前终止费用,此费用将根据已经履行的最短订阅期的比例计算,即已经支付了订阅费的部分。

(b) 在适用的最短订阅期结束后,您的订阅将自动按照现行订阅条款和费用继续。

15. 如果我们因任何原因未按时收到您的订阅费,或者您违反任何其他订阅条款与条件,那么我们可以在不损害我们的权利和法律补救措施的情况下:

(a) 追回您欠下的任何未付款项;

(b) 暂停您的订阅;或者

(c) 终止您的订阅,恕不另行通知,也不对您承担任何义务,并向您收取适用的终止费和管理费。



16. 您确认您在订阅申请表中提供的信息在申请时真实且正确。如果所提供的信息有任何变更,您须致电 6388 3838 联系我们的客户体验团队,或通过登录您的帐户在线更新。

17. 通过提交您的订阅申请表,您特此同意:

(a) 我们的隐私政策条款可在 上找到,并会不时修订,隐私政策条款已引用并入标准条款中;

(b) 我们使用和披露您的个人数据是为了处理您的订阅申请并向您提供您所申请的产品和服务。这些目的已在新报业媒体隐私政策中列出,该政策可在 上找到,并且可能会不时修订;和

(c) 新报业媒体会员条款与条件(可在 上找到,并不时修订),以及新报业媒体会员条款与条件已经被引用并入标准条款。您进一步同意,新报业媒体对与您订阅相关的所有事项或争议以及任何附属事项(包括但不限于付款、交付、促销或资格要求)的决定对您而言是最终的和决定性的。如果这些标准条款与新报业媒体会员条款与条件发生冲突,则以标准条款为准。

18. 我们有权在向您发出合理的事先通知后,随时修改订阅费或派报费,或与您的订阅相关的任何其他条款。

19. 有关订阅的更多详情,请参阅