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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Shopee Vouchers

1. What does the Premium include?

Premium for this promotion includes Shopee vouchers .

Contract Premium
12-month contract 1 x $40 Shopee voucher
24-month contract

2 x $50 Shopee voucher

(total $100 worth)

No contract n.a.


2. Does the Shopee vouchers come with an expiry date? 

All voucher codes must be utilised by April 17, 2022. There will be no refund or exchange for unutilised vouchers.


3. I have just subscribed under this promotion. How do I collect my Shopee vouchers?

The Shopee vouchers will be sent to your registered email address upon successful check out. Look out for the voucher codes and redemption instructions within the email.


4. I am an existing ST One Digital subscriber. Am I eligible for the Shopee vouchers? 

If your ST One Digital subscription is without a contract or the contract has ended, you may subscribe under this promotion with a 12-month/24-month contract to be eligible for the Shopee vouchers.


How does this package compare with the rest of ST’s available packages?

This is a quick summary of how the package compares with the other home-subscription offerings by ST:


News Tablet


ST All-Digital

ST Basic-Digital

ST One Digital

Print Paper





Web Access

1 1 1 1


App Access

1 4 4 2


News Tablet Access

1 0 0 0


*Not inclusive of delivery charges.